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Rescue Parade 2018

This year's rescue parade was held on June 16, 2018. A Big THANK YOU goes out to all of our wonderful Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue families for making this day such a huge success!

The parade was held on the grounds of the St. Johnland Nursing Home in Kings Park. There were about 21 rescued Golden Retrievers in attendance.

The day was sunny and warm and became somewhat hot as the day progressed. The dogs and their "people" had a great time. Each family proudly showed off their rescued Golden Retriever in the Show Ring. Each LIGRR dog received a toy after completing their turn in the ring.

The LIGRR volunteers attend numerous Golden Retriever and dog events annually. The Rescue Parade is far and away our favorite! We get to see "our" dogs living happily with their Forever Families. We get to "catch up" with our terrific adopters! It's all about Happy Endings...for us, it doesn't get any better than that!

A special "Thank You" to all who made donations and purchased LIGRR merchandise and auction tickets. Your generous financial support is what makes it possible for us to continue providing LIGRR's needy Golden Retrievers with medical care and placing them in excellent homes.

It was a great day and we look forward to seeing even more of our LIGRR families next year. Let's make this a family tradition and make it BIGGER and BETTER NEXT YEAR!


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Our Baby was in the first set of Goldens rescued from Turkey in September 2015. We are blessed and trankful for our joyful, loving, furry, BFF. We are fur ever grateful to Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue! Last burt not least to Melanie for knowing that Baby was our perfect match.


We adopted our Bella at 13 months old back in June 2013 from LIGRR.

She was a surrender from a family with young children living Brooklyn. It appears she was never properly socialized and integrated with the family as a puppy. She was also never spayed, vaccinated, or properly housebroken.

In May of this year our Bella turned 6 years old and is enjoying her life with her new family. Bella likes to go for daily walks, go on puppy play dates, play in her backyard and play with her toys. Bella also regularly attends rescue events. We love her with all of our hearts and enjoy spoiling her and she returns our love many times over and makes us smile every day.


Bonny came from Turkey. She is a sweet girl. She has very good house manners. She seemed to want to be a part of our family from the moment we met her.


Comet was surrendered by a family who couldn't care for him. He arrived as a very fearful&needy boy. He is now a loving, smart,&wonderful family member.


Danny came to us from LIGRR 3 years ago as a 1 year old with a talent for stealing eyeglasses, hard drives, shoes, socks, and wallets. he mostly just steals edible things now, but from your plate. When he's not misbehaving like his step-sister Nikki, he's managed to earn a few AKC titles in Rally and Trick Dog.


Dottie is the happiest dog you will ever meet. She is alwys smiling&wagging her tail. She was very shy at first when we got her, but she has grown within our family&her true personality shines for everyone to see!


Emma wa found running wild in the forest of Turkey. She was sent to me after I had to put my boy Logan, to sleep in July. She is full of energy, even with our 6 mile walks daily. At first, she was quite the runner but has greatly improved. She is not crazy about other dogs, loves people, but is now in day care to teach her socialization skills.

She brings me great joy every day!


Forest was rescued from Turkey. He is a natural hunter (mice, ants). He needs constant attention. He gets along with most dogs and everyone. He is always happy and cheerful. He is my best friend!


Hobbs came to us from Turkey. He is named after Roy Hobbs, the baseball player, het Hobbs doesn't have a clue how to retrieve a ball! He is extremely lovable and just a good soul.


Jenny came to live with us in late March 2018. Her former owners were elderly. Her human father had just dies, and her mother couldn't handle her alone. Jenny is an energetic 7 year old who is full of love, fun, and personality. She is a charming delightful addition to our family.


3-year old Juliette came to us from Turkey last July. She was in need of immediate medical care; with a bad foot injury and infection. When Juliette arrived she was in bad shape, she immediately had surgery to clear up the infection and amputate two toes. After the surgery and a brief foster, juliette came to us to recuperate. Melanie waved her magic wand and we fell in love with princess Juliette -- as that is her new name at our house. Further medical tests revealed she had a fractured pelvis; probably the resule of being hit by a car while in Turkey. Another surgery for our princess, this obne on her hip. She now has recovered and continues to thrive.

We want to thank Melanie and LIGRR for being willing to take a chance on a dog that seemed hopeless. If it wasn't for your open heart we would not have the privelege of having this sweet, loving animal in our lives. Thanks again for giving us another chapter in our golden journey.


Layla and Maggie were adopted because they lost their home due to Super Storm Sandy in 2012. They are our beloved family members. Layla is quiet and sometimes nervous but Maggie is outgoing and rambunctious. We love our girls.


Loki is the quintessential Golden -- happy and clueless. He earned his name - The God of Mischief - because there is no garbage, food, or toy he won't try to steal. He is as loveable as a Golden can be and so affectionate while lazing on your bed Sunday mornings. Life is complete with our Lokw. We love him so much.


LIGRR rescued Murphy from Brookhaven Animal Shelter. We met Melanie at the animal hospital in Farmingdale and took her home. She was a skinny 42 poinds and scared and timid. Fast forward 10 years and she is now known as the kitchen thief stealing all your food if you're not paying attention. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. Thanks LIGRR!


Nikki, from the Super Storm Sandy litter, is five years old and a regular at an Assisted Living Facility in Westbury. Her incredible need to be touched makes her extremely popular on pet therapy visits. She also enjoys barking for attention at passers by, playing fetch, and diggint for rocks.


Sandy came to us a little over 3 years ago and she has changed our household in untold ways. She had no dicipline and was all over the place. She took to her new home wonderfully and is so happy and playful. She loves to cuddle and thinks she is a lap dog. She loves being with her best friend Jake and plays with him non-stop. She is truly a joy to have and we are thankful for her.


Shyanne was originally rescued from a puppy mill and then lost her forst"for ever"family to illness.

She came to us about 16 months ago and has since lost 30 pounds and gained a new lease on life. She has overcome her shyness and makes new friends every day at our local dog park and on walks at the bay.

We are delighted that she came to live with us.


My"Turkey"dog is a mellow guy who has a calming effect on all he meets Every day he gets happier&more playful. So happy to have him!


Six year old Teddy has not slowed down one bit. He lives life to the fullest and is full of enthusiasm."Ted's Excellent Adventure"is his motto.

He never does anything at a slow pace; that includes chasing squirrels, bunnies, tennis balls, or his tail.

He has brought joy and pleasure to our lives; made our life rich and full of love.

Thank you Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue. You have brought us golden sunlight and laughter.


We love our Trixie. She is a great addition to our family. Her favorite thing to do is o for long walks. She is a gentle giant and loves our cats and they love her. They cuddle together all the time. Trixie likes to steal socks, slipper, and hand towels.