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A Letter From the President

February 2017

Dear Golden Family,

I has been a long time since I have written a President's letter (sometimes life gets in my way). We have had a very busy year filled with wonderful tail wagging Goldens. Most of you know that we have been part of a national project helping dogs from Turkey find loving and wonderful homes. This has been an exciting and wonderful opportunity for these dogs and for us. With your continued help we have been able to raise the needed funds to continue this project. It never fails to amaze me that after almost 12 hours in a crate under an airplane these dogs come out wagging their tails and ready to sniff some new smells. The stories of these dogs, who were once abandoned on the streets, is amazing. Their ability to adjust to a new life is spectacular. Here are some of their amazing stories:

When April arrived she had a dislocated hip. LIGRR arranged for her to get the needed surgery. Here is Miss April on one of her frequent beach walks. She is doing great and brings love to our family every day. - Melissa
Connor has adjusted to family life with us beautifully. He greets us with a toy in his mouth every evening & loves teasing his big brother Copper. He runs like the wind & still is trying to understand why dogs play with each other! He likes to observe when his brother has a play date.
He is smart as can be, learns new things all the time and like all Goldens, nothing makes him happier than cuddling with his humans. We are so grateful to LIGRR & the many volunteers in Turkey for our sweet boy.
Mindy celebrated her one year anniversary with the Wolfe family the day after Thanksgiving this year, she has taken over her new home and enjoys the Love she receives Every Day, and we have received her Love every day.
Bill & Joan Wolfe

While we were busy with our international project we continued to save local dogs, no Golden Retriever locally was turned away because of our work with the dogs from Turkey. Recently, we were asked to take a 9 year old dog who had been adopted through LIGRR. The owner called, her life had changed, her husband had passed away and she had to move to an apartment, in addition, she was in very poor health. Through all of her problems her only concern was her dog. We took Shyanne (who is still in need of a permanent home). Not long after Shyanne came to our foster home her owner passed away. The people close to her said she felt that she was a peace knowing that Shyanne would be safe in the care of LIGRR. A few months ago I received this wonderful letter from someone who had adopted from us. His letter was so moving that with his permission I have chosen to share it with you.

Dear LIGRR board,

It has been a long time since we have spoke. I apologize, life seems to have gotten in the way. I wanted to write you to let you know that Gordon, our beloved golden passed away on September 25th. To be completely honest, I've been having difficulty with all of it and have been putting off this email. I felt that you should know but more importantly be aware that he spent 11 years a part of a family that couldn't be more appreciative. I just wanted to thank you all, you saved his life. I am not sure where he might have ended up, maybe with another family but maybe alone and in a pound. I remember the dedication you showed us, the months we waited to be matched with a dog that would fit our situation (our cat being someone who might have objected to any random dog). When we first met, we knew he was right for us and that we were right for him. I was 16 then, I am 27 now. I have been through so much and he has been through it with me at my side. I know you know this, you foster, protect and love so many of them. I just want to thank you. Gordon had been enjoying his later years, we had joked that his full red / golden coat had turned to cinnamon and sugar. He had slowed down but still went on walks to his favorite park regularly, played with neighborhood dogs and showed his full love towards all of us on a regular basis. When he left us it was fairly sudden, we knew he was older, we didn't want him to be in pain. He still presevered through a few weeks in late summer. He finally lost his appetite and seemed to be lethargic. It became apparent that we should allow him to leave on his own terms. Merely a few days prior to that day, our family had a pizza party with Gordon. To be completely honest with you, it was not planned, we knew he was sick but not that sick. We all came home, we sat at the dinner table. We ate and laughed. Gordon was up and begging for pizza crusts like he had done for so many years prior. We went out in the backyard. It was a late summer twilight and a beautiful night. I think Gordon knew more than we did. He was so happy. We were too. A week later, we went to the vet for the last time. Even on the ride over, his head was out my window, slobbering and blissful. We stood outside the vet for several minutes, my arm around him. I told him, "We're not going to hurt you, we love you." An older gentleman walked past and remarked, "what a beautiful dog." Even in his last hour, random people were complementing the beauty of this creature who had become my little golden brother! I held his paw, we were all there and he went peacefully and loved. I apologize for this dramatic email ha ha, I just wanted you to know how much he meant to us. He was not a "pet" or simply "a dog," he was our family member. You do a wonderful job, and we are all thankful that you helped us find Gordon. I assure you, he lived a wonderful life. I wish he was still here. When I come home to my parents house, I usually look around to see if he is sprawled out in the sun, wagging his tail to welcome me back but then I remember he is no longer here. One thought that gives me peace is knowing that your organization is out finding homes for hundreds of Gordons. I wish you all the best. You should be receiving a letter (or letters) from my family soon. All the best.



The board and I are truly grateful for our adopters who take our dogs and love them, to our wonderful veterinarians who treat our dogs, to all of our volunteers who help us by fund raising and fostering and to our donors who make it possible f or us to continue with our mission of saving Golden Retrievers.

Never Miss a Golden Opportunity.