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WALL OF FAME 2016-2017

It's that time again, LIGRR Family. The days are getting shorter and there's a chill in the air. Our cherished Goldens are taking long walks on the beach, frolicking in the autumn leaves and dreaming of making "Golden angels" in the snow.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors with some of our wonderful dogs from Turkey and their new families.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and with that in mind, I'd like to focus on thanksgiving (no, not the turkey day, although that is certainly part of it). We, the humans at LIGRR, have much to be thankful for. We have the love of every homeless Golden Retriever who has ever passed through our hands, on their way to their Forever Home (Yours?) We have the friendships that we have developed while doing rescue work, some of the most dependable and constant in our lives. We have the satisfaction of turning a dog's life completely around … from misery and pain to warmth, comfort and love. And best of all, we have YOU, because without your support, both financial and voluntary, Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue would not be able to do what it does every day.

Speaking of YOU … what do you have to be thankful for? Is one of your blessings your beautiful LIGRR Golden? Your rescued Golden Retriever loves you unconditionally. You don't have to sound brilliant, look good or drive a sports car. Your rescued Golden Retriever loves YOU, just as you are. (Besides, if you have adopted a LIGRR dog, we think you are pretty wonderful, too!)

Your dog is thankful to have you to love and care for her or him. Your Golden no longer has to sleep in the garage or in a forest, under the deck or in the street, or tied to a tree in the frigid cold. He or she is no longer hungry for days on end. Your pet's health is attended to with regular veterinary care, and if he or she should fall ill, you dog does not have to suffer without relief.

Every year LIGRR rescues and re-homes abandoned, neglected and needy Golden Retrievers. During the past year, we have expanded our efforts to include Goldens who were left to fend for themselves in the forests and streets of Turkey (our "Turkey Dogs"). So far we have provided care and found loving homes for 19 of these refugees. Not too shabby for a small group of volunteers with no office, no shelter and no regular source of income!

We do not turn away senior dogs or dogs with serious medical conditions, regardless of the potential financial consequences to LIGRR. In my opinion, one of the rescued Golden Retrievers that exemplifies this policy for LIGRR is Tanner.

Tanner Before
Tanner before

Tanner was found abandoned in a rental apartment and brought to a Long Island town shelter. He had lost his hair on approximately one-third of his body and his skin was thickened and black. LIGRR stepped up and provided the necessary medical care to help Tanner regain his health (and hair!). When we found him the perfect home, his adoptive family continued Tanner's medical care. Tanner was a senior Golden and went to the Rainbow Bridge about a year after he was adopted. Tanner's family gave him a wonderful year, full of love and nurturing – possibly the best year of his life. Without the intervention of LIGRR, this would never have happened.

Tanner After
Tanner after

On the international front, we have our "Turkey Dogs," who have their new lives to be thankful for. As of this writing, we have taken 19 Golden Retrievers from Turkey. These dogs were abandoned on the streets of Istanbul and in the forests. They had to fend for themselves, fight other more aggressive dogs for food and resources, and did very poorly. Along with a number of other U.S. Golden Retriever rescues, LIGRR has come forward and committed to helping save these dogs. It is a costly process, but for these dogs, it is life itself, so we do what we have to do.

This, LIGRR Family, is where YOU come in. This is the 16th year we have done the Golden Gifts Wall of Fame. It has been a wonderful fundraising campaign for LIGRR. YOUR generous donations help us to "keep our heads above water" financially. A major portion of LIGRR's expenses are veterinary bills. In addition, it is quite costly to transport our Turkey Dogs to loving homes in the U.S. Your generosity will help us to both pay for the medical expenses of severely neglected dogs, and also to bring abandoned Goldens to their Forever Homes in America.

We realize that many of you "give from the heart", and expect nothing in return, other than knowing that you have helped to improve the lives of Goldens in need. However, we are very grateful for your assistance and want to acknowledge your generous spirit with a gift. When you make a donation to LIGRR's Wall-of-Fame, your name (or the name of someone you love) will be placed on the virtual Wall of Fame on our website. You will also receive a "Thank you" gift based on the amount of your donation. We want to acknowledge YOU and reward your generosity. We truly could not do what we do without your financial support. We do the hands-on piece of Golden rescue and YOU are "the wind beneath our wings".

Honor a loved one (person or dog), or give a space on "the Wall" and Golden Gifts to someone special on your holiday list. The Wall of Fame is a thoughtful memorial for a dog or dog lover who has passed. Or just put YOUR name there and be proud to have helped such loving dogs.

LIGRR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible. (We will include a receipt with your gift package for tax purposes.)

Please remember to think of Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue if you have a donation matching program in your workplace.

THANK YOU to everyone who has given so generously in the past. Let's make the 2016-2017 Wall of Fame the Biggest and Best one ever!

Here are the Donation Categories and your "Thank You" Gifts:

Best wishes for the upcoming holiday season to our LIGRR Family (both human and Golden). We have the BEST adopters in the world! Thank you for your continuing support, both in providing exemplary homes for our rescued Goldens, and for the financial assistance which enables us to continue on our mission of saving lives.

Donations may be made by:

  1. Check payable to LIGRR and mailed to:
    Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc.
    P.O. Box 566
    Plainview, New York 11803-0566

Rescue Hero - $500 and up donation

Eclipse and Mozart - Life CoachesLee Lipman
Lynn ThompsonSusan and Pat Vitek
Jana and Gary KronGeorge Baker
Peter and Roberta GottliebIn Honor of Mick
Snyder Family FoundationLaurie Walters and Hans Bald
Jean-Luc Urbain and Suzanne QuirkRuth Human

Best in Show - $250 and up donation

Valerie MedinaJustine Moriarty and Jim CroninIn memory of Goldie
William JamesIn honor of my mom who helps us and the Goldens - Justin WinawerKathryn and John Kollegger
Paul and Karen CocoJames and Sharon ConwayTom and Leslie McPartland
Susan and Daniel MahoneyTHANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!!!Edward and Linda Cathcart

Leader of the Pack - $100 and up donation

Michael HeaneyRichard and Pamela RubinsteinSusan StarkRobert and Tara Morris
Dwight and Kathleen BurtonLeslie and Tom McPartlandDaniel O'LearyJohn Dougherty
Patricia DillonMargretta Johnson-SallyTerrence and Ann ShirlowIn memory of Jay
Maxwell DeLorean WhiteRegina GreinerMargaret HarboyJanice Chew
Nancy and Ron IsraeliFrancis J. KochJonathan MallerGilda and Charles Omage
Bernice GreeneGina BianchiNancy and Donald FrankmanoGeri and Vinnie Raab
Jennifer RobbinsTerry NigrelliJohn ZeiserMatthew Rocco
In Loving Memory of Tyler, Ollie, and Charlie ScalaWith Gratitude from the Scala FamilyAnn OstiEdward and Petre Desciora
Marea PisaniSally HobsonSherry PlevretesCynthia Young
Catherine DaultAlice Li and Stephen PolancicFrank and Nancy GarofaloSusan Stark
Mary and Eugene Gabrell   

Faithful Companion - $50 and up donation

Henry Speicher Jr.William WhaleyLynn CorrissSteven and Debbie SpiroRobert Schwartz
Paul and Arleen GoscinskiThomas and Christine SpeicherScott and Audrey KoltunCallista and Paul TullyGerard Picardi
Michael and Eileen DicristofaroDr. Pearl MichalowMichael SerifLawrence and Cindy ZaginskiKaren Weber
Constance SpellmanRobert and Carole MoenDennis and Doreen DalyBarbara and Christopher KrucherArlene and Steven Russ
Regina and Gerri TomanelliClaire and Christine WallaceKaren Schlain and George SweetingBarbara and Michael AmatrudoSusan and Gary Levine
Joyce WongOakley WoodPatricia and Edward SchlingLisa DursoAnthony and MargaretBarenzano
Marcelino Santiago and Terry BainSean and Clorinda BradyFirst ImpressionsThomas and Margaret HarringtonDebra and David Croce

Good Dog - $25 and up donation

In memory of CometVirginia and Dominick CarotenutoDominick and Alina DursoDolores and James DerosaIn memory of EthelIn Memory of Charlie Pollack
Christopher GattusoMindy and Jessy DavidsonStanley and Claudia KaufmanVictoria and Wilson QuinonesFor Bruce and DaisyIn memory of Heidi and Magie
Suzanne McMahon&Thomas CarrollSusan and Gary NappoJoann and ReynoldPaul LoganRobert and Amy RubinKaren Farrell
Michael and Allison CoyneRalph and April IervolinoMichael and Celeste LiberatoreEllen Broselow and Daniel FinerDon Candee and Debby LewisCynthia Gillen
John and Rosemarie LeignadierIn memory of Trey SweetingHoward Kipnes