A 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

A Letter From the President

January 2022

Dear Golden Family,

As we bring in a new year I know that we are all hoping that the year to come will be bring health and happiness to those around us; to all of our friends and family members both human and pet. It certainly has been a unique last few years.

The very last thing that I did before New York state closed down was place 2 dogs in their new home. An hour later, we were all on shut down. I really had no idea what rescue would look like. In some ways it was so different and also so much like business; as these are dogs purchased or rescued when people were suddenly home all of the time. Once their families went back to some kind of work outside of the home the dogs needed to be moved. People who might have taken a puppy to classes couldn't find any available and that 15 pound puppy now weighed 65 pounds or more. Certainly, we had some of those come into rescue.

There were also the dogs whose owners had become ill or died and had no one to care for them. Recently, I saw a comment on a face book page (not our page) where people were making hurtful remarks about someone who needed to re-home their dog. I thought about the LIGRR family and how kind they are when they meet their dog and the surrender family. It makes me proud to be the president of a group that includes so many kind people.

Recently, we were asked to take a dog because the owner was very ill and knew that she could not give him what he needed. One of her friends reached out to us and, of course, we did what we always do, we placed the dog. Her friend contacted us regularly asking for pictures to bring with her when she visited. Of course the pictures came quickly by text. After a while, we were called, the woman was going into hospice and could we send her a picture to see in her final days. We can all be comforted in knowing that we gave this woman peace and we gave this dog a wonderful life.

Looking ahead I'm hoping that we can see the end of this pandemic and be once again allowed to help international dogs as well as the dogs right here in our local area.

Wishing you all Peace, happiness and good health.

Never Miss a Golden Opportunity.